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The Loft on St Paul St is located on a small lot only a few blocks form the Waterfront Trail in Belleville’s Foster Ward.

The Loft was formerly St Paul’s Anglican Church which was built in 1878 for the working class people that lived close to the boat yards and industrial area of Belleville at the time.

St Paul St was formerly known as Wharf St and the name was changed in the early 1900’s.

Tim & Judy McKinney purchased the Church in the summer of 2018. The congregation was getting smaller over the last decade and the Anglican Church closed the doors in 2017.

Tim & Judy had a vision of repurposing the Church into an AirBNB with a Twist. Their love of intimate concerts in small halls lead them to design it with Musicians in mind. With the help of their designer, Dora Christopher and their General Contractor Travis Spuehler their planning had begun.

Tim & Judy wanted to maintain the Altar so the plan was to build a stage for performers. They were able to buy a Grand Piano from one of Tim’s clients that was moving outside the area and that became the focal point for the design.

Construction began in the Spring of 2019. Travis Spuelher and his sub contractors were able to finish the project for the fall Grand Opening in October 2019. The feedback from the opening was fantastic.

Tim & Judy are keen to share their love of Belleville with others through this AirBNB. Tim has been a life- long resident of Belleville and is busy with a career in Real Estate Sales and Judy has just retired from a great career as a Teacher. They have brought up their three children in Belleville.

Madison, Keavan and Molly are all musical and they plan on enjoying this Venue when it is not being rented.

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